Bullying By The Numbers

The New B.P

Published on Mar 23, 2012
Ellen spent so much time talking to these two parents from the documentary “Bully,” we didn’t have time to put all of it in the show.You can see their entire conversation right here.

A bully is someone who directs physical, verbal, or psychological aggression or harassment toward others, with the goal of gaining power over or dominating another individual. Research indicates that bullying is more prevalent in boys than girls, though this difference decreases when considering indirect aggression (such as verbal threats).
A victim is someone who repeatedly is exposed to aggression from peers in the form of physical attacks, verbal assaults, or psychological abuse. Victims are more likely to be boys and to be physically weaker than peers. They generally do not have many, if any, good friends and may display poor social skills and academic difficulties in school.

Did you Know
-Bullying is…

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