Cannabis: Big Business vs. Little Business


Washington state’s cannabis consultant to the Liquor Control Board is Harvard graduate, Mark Kleiman and his think-tank, Botec Analysis Corporation. Mr. Kleiman and his team will help the state develop the legal cannabis industry. There is concern that policies implemented by the State of Washington for cannabis will allow corporations to move into the state and operate, putting small cannabis businesses operating under RCW 69.51a and I502 out of business. I have already seen many out of state companies move to Washington State so they can open a cannabis business. The question on whether the cannabis industry will develop into a model similar to Washington’s special beer brews, or will it become a corporation like Coors, Budweiser or Starbucks will remain unanswered until the landscape is developed by the state.

There are also many misinformed people in the state of Washington who believe that because cannabis is now legal…

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