Hundreds of Lost Souls: The Graves of the Undocumented

NBC Latino

In Falfurrias, Texas, Benny Martinez, the Chief Deputy of the Brooks County Sheriff’s office, gets out of his truck to give us a tour.

It’s a depressing and sad tour.

We’re at the Falfurrias Burial Park, just across the road from the Brooks County Fairgrounds. Headstones are neat, well-maintained. Most date from the turn of the century, resting places for the founders of this region, hardscrabble ranchers who fought dust and heat and drought to build huge cattle ranches and oil fields in the fields of scrub brush and thorny  mesquite trees.

Tucked in several corners, and now spilling over to the very edge of the property, are more than a hundred lost souls. No headstones, just cheap metal markers, most with an ID number and some variation of the  words: “Unknown Remains”, “Bones”, “Unknown Female.”


Last year the county buried 68  unknown people here, presumably undocumented immigrants trying…

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