Sustainability. Our biggest digital challenge


BREAKING NEWS: wow, the Internet is amazing.

We have created a planet-sized brain accessible from a smart, shiny black slablet in your pocket. It has created fantastical wealth for a small number of people and turned creative quants into rock stars. Some companies failed to see it coming and became obsolete (goodbye Blockbuster, HMV and Borders), replaced by brand new behemoths (hello LoveFilm, iTunes and Amazon). It’s sparked such a remarkable surge of innovation and entrepreneurial creativity that it sometimes takes your breath away. Who can look at Google Earth and not be amazed?

However, since 1991, when Tim Berners-Lee first launched his CERN website, the human race has spiraled ever faster towards self-anhillation: filling the atmosphere with an icecap-melting duvet of greenhouse gases and the oceans with a food chain-choking soup of plastic while at the same time creating more and more billionaires whilst billions lack basic things like…

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