The Standard’s Secret Guide to Internookie


Let The Standard Get You Internookie

Some people have searched the bars, clubs, and dating sites love. They may have gone to bars and confided in a friend to hook them up.  We know hot those stories usually end.  No luck. What next? Stop looking and wait for love to find you?  No, because you have yet to discover the romantic potential of social networking.  

Social networking allows you to make new friends. In this case, the “friend” is Mr. or Mrs. Right. For this to work, the very first thing you must do is choose your turf (site) and become a member. Some of these sites allow you to be a part of the community without paying, as an introduction to the service.  Other may charge a small, often refundable, fee.  Take your pick.

After composing your profile, the social networking site will match you with member who have certain matching characteristics by sifting through their database. These results will be customized for you and your goals.  Not a bad start, right?

What you will see in your account is the member’s photograph and summary of who they are.  If you are interested, and want to learn more, you can view their detailed profile. Should this particular person sound interesting, initiate contact and hopefully, that person will respond in kind.

The first point of contact is often by way of email. If things are going well, then you can exchange numbers and get to know each other on a more personal level. The next step is considered to be a “big determination because as a result of this choice, you may both experience that “first glance” for the sparks to ignite.

Take this slow…  The proverbial ice breaker or first meeting can be at once nerve wracking and exciting.  The element of “blind” to this date also makes it common for people to misrepresent their personal details, so if at any point you feel something is amiss, it’s best} to cut your losses, end the encounter, and continue searching.

It’s best to schedule the meeting in a private place, bring a friend along or tell your friends who you are meeting so if anything should happen they will report it to the authorities.

However, there are some individuals who use social networking sites for other purposes. For instance, there are specialty dating websites that are designed to hook people up. Another name for this type of website is a swinger’s club and you could have a lot of interesting encounters that transcend the usual “dinner and drinks” routine for a date if you are open-minded about sexuality and desire this type of companionship.

Before you join a social networking site in search of love or any other physical encounter, it’s best to be sure that it has systems in place designed to protect your personal information so it can’t be used improperly.  This type of crime has risen sharply with the advent of these sites.  Often, the victim of this type of fraud is too embarrassed or ashamed to report the crime lest this private detail of his social life be exposed to his or her peers.

Will social networking make you finally find true love? The answer is yours to discover as it is different for everybody.  Most people can identify someone who has met their partner on the Internet with nothing but positive accounts of the experience. You simply have to put yourself out there and hope for the best.  As one of my favorite philosophers, Ann Onnimus says, “If you fail to ask, then the answer you get will always be ‘NO'”

There are an endless number of sites that will enable you to find love and they appeal to all interests, be they straight, gay, bisexual, or the enigmatic “other” that has made itself known in certain circles.  If you happen to believe that there is someone out there, find a site and work on a profile.  The Standard would love to hear about your experiences with internet dating (or whatever…) so please leave a response and add to the discussion!

Don’t forget “Get Up, STAND Up!”  Coming soon to a sharpshooter near you.  Stay tuned, that’s the key (lol).  Yay puns…

-EP Hoff



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