Now Anne Frank’s a Belieber

This is brilliant…

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Today, the usual simmering resentment and anger the internet feels for Justin Bieber came to a roaring boil and bubbled over. And all it took was a few well meant words.

Let’s go back in time seventy-odd years for a brief recap. Anne Frank was a young German girl, who lived mostly in Amsterdam, who was hunted down by the Nazis during World War II because they were Jewish. Eventually she and her family were caught and taken to a concentration camp, where she died at the age of 15. She’s become famous for the diary that she kept, for much of the last few years of her short life.

The building in Amsterdam where Anne Frank and her family hid from invading Nazi forces is now the Anne Frank House, a museum dedicated to her memory. Recently, Justin Bieber went there to visit the place, as the museum reported…

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Kim Kardashian to Give Birth in Paris … For The Romance? No. For The Law, Of Course…

Ohh la la! Is Kim Kardashian going to have baby in Paris?

Kim Kardashian

Pregnancy plans … Kim Kardashian

plans to give birth to her baby in Paris, according to

US websites are awash with claims the reality TV star and rapper boyfriend
Kanye West are looking to move there for the delivery.

Insiders reckon it’s to make the most of France’s strict paparazzi laws, which
would stop snappers swarming to get a shot of the newborn.

Pregnant Kim, who is due to give birth in July, was in Las Vegas last night to
launch her new perfume and meet fans.

She donned a bright red maternity dress, matching lipstick and high heels to
unveil her new scent, called GLAM.

The 32-year-old seemed excited about the visit, writing on her blog hours
before: “’Hey dolls, I cannot believe I finally get to hang out with you
guys tomorrow! I am beyond pumped to see your gorgeous faces.

“We have so much to catch up on and I am dying to share my new GLAM
fragrance with you! It is so perf for Spring, it’s a must in my book! See
you there!”

Kim Kardashian

New frangrance … Kim in Las Vegas on Saturday night