Google Play Music All Access Review: It’s Not a Spotify Competitor After All

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Let’s get this out of the way: Google Play Music All Access is a terrible name, rolling off the tongue like a mouthful of marbles. I’m not sure what Google was thinking here, adopting such a clunky moniker for a fledgling streaming music service whose media-decreed rivals go by punchier handles like Pandora, Spotify, Rdio and Grooveshark. Why not something simpler like Google Music, leaving “All Access” to describe one of the subscription tiers? Even the name Google Play sounds catchier and more appropriate for something that dishes up tunes, but then Google already uses those two words (somewhat incongruously) to describe its entire digital distribution platform, from Android apps, devices and games to books, magazines and music.

Google Play Music All Access it is then, and I’ll henceforth be referring to it as GPMAA for sanity’s sake (or, as I’ve been pronouncing it out loud, “gup-mah”).

Google unveiled GPMAA yesterday at…

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Jonathan Koles Wins Justice For Slain Inmate’s Family In Hudson County


Santiago v. Hudson County; A Philadelphia woman accepted $407,500 in her suit over her daughter’s death while an inmate at the Hudson County Correctional Facility in Kearny.

Luz Mendoza Santiago claimed in her federal ImageImageImagesuit filed in Trenton that her daughter, Joanne Figueroa, began vomiting blood on July 8, 2008, and that prison medical personnel failed to detect or diagnose an aorta esophageal fistula.

Figueroa bled to death the next day. Santiago contended that a timely diagnosis would have prevented Figueroa’s medical deterioration and death.

Santiago sued Hudson County, its correctional facility, Warden Oscar Aviles, corrections officer Lashaundra Gibson O’Neill, Prison Health Services Inc. and Correctional Health Services, alleging negligence, medical malpractice, civil rights violations and wrongful death.

The suit also sought survivorship death damages on behalf of Figueroa’s five children, three of whom were last known to be living in Philadelphia and two of whom were infants in Costa Rica.

The defendants denied the allegations.

Hudson County paid $400,000 of the settlement, reached on Oct. 5, and Correctional Health Services and Prison Health Services, Inc. the remaining $7,500.

Figueroa’s children and her mother were paid a total of $255,469 and plaintiff’s counsel $152,030 in attorney’s fees and expenses.

Jonathan Koles of Koles, Burke & Bustillo in Jersey City represented the plaintiff.

John Dineen of Netchert, Dineen &Hillmann in Closter represented Hudson County, its correctional facility, Aviles and O’Niell.  Stephen Siegrist of O’Connor Kimball in Cherry Hill, represented Correctional Health Services and Prison Health Services, Inc.




How the IRS is killing nonprofit media

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Media Nation

This article appeared earlier at The Huffington Post.

Outrage over the Internal Revenue Service’s targeting of Tea Party and other right-wing groups continues to boil — yet a potentially more consequential IRS practice has scarcely gained any attention.

Over the past few years the IRS has virtually stopped approving 501(c)(3) status for nonprofit news organizations. Given the well-documented decline of traditional for-profit newspapers, nonprofit journalism can be a vital alternative, especially at the local and regional levels. But even when applications for 501(c)(3) status aren’t rejected outright, they are stacking up, unacted upon, for months and even years.

A recent Council on Foundations report titled “The IRS and Nonprofit Media: Toward Creating a More Informed Public” put it this way:

There is significant anecdotal evidence that the IRS has delayed the approval of nonprofit media, potentially slowed the development of those already created, and harmed communities by leaving them without…

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Man on Honeymoon Arrested For Soliciting Prostitute

Cyber Gazing

Mohammed Ahmed,21, from Illinois was in Florida with his new bride on honeymoon.  According to investigators Ahmed had answered an online ad  that had been posted by an undercover detective posing as a hooker.  Ahmed was arrested when he arrived  when he arrived for his paid liaison.  Meanwhile his new bride back at the hotel got worried when her groom did not return and went to file a police report – well she was given the bad news! Ahmed was charged with soliciting prostitution and pot possession. [Source]

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THREE MONTHS OFF???? What I Would GIVE for a Summer Vacation

Kristen Lamb's Blog

For anyone in the Denver, CO area, I will be presenting this Saturday (register here). I am STOKED, not only because I get to teach writers, but it’s like a little slice of vaca-childhood. Ah, summer vacation. The Spawn is about to be let out for three months under my feet toddler bliss.

I miss it summer vacation. I remember how the last three weeks leading up to school getting out were sheer torture. The poor teachers probably felt like prison guards trying to keep the inmates calm…only they didn’t have stun guns and a high-pressure hose (those were for the inner city elementary schools :D).

Though, now that I think about it, slap a sprinkler on the end of that high-pressure hose and we would have likely loved that.

Did you guys end your year with Field Day? Sorry. I hated Field Day. I think Field Day was…

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The Successful Leader


Leaders are experts in answering questions to sat their own curiosity or that of others who value their opinion.

There are certain questions like

Who are leaders? What are the requirements to become a leader? Are the leadership qualities inherent? How a leader does differ from a normal man? What are the actual leadership qualities?


The answers to these questions in a layman language can be given as a leader is one who can lead others, who can control the behavior of others and who can manage others to perform in the desired way. Leadership is not limited to position, experience, training, title or authority. After studying the biography of hundreds of historical and contemporary leaders it can be concluded that up to some extent leadership qualities are inherent but good leaders are created or made and they are not born because these inherent qualities need to be polished and mold through experiences and are made feel within an individual by giving him some authority. But this also does not mean that if a person does not possess those inherent qualities he can not become a leader. The fact is that a person can become leader if he has strong will to become a successful leader and on his way he constantly develops himself through a process of self analysis, training and then experience.


Now how does a person can become a successful and an effective leader?

It is a simple five step process. This simple five step process can make you a successful leader. These are as:


  1. A magnificent vision: A leader can not exist without a vision. The vision is always in the mind of a leader. The vision only can take a leader to perform great action. He should have a clear view of his aim of life that he wanted to achieve in his life.


  1. Leader should know his strengths and weaknesses: A wise and right leader is one who has a clear knowledge of his strengths and weaknesses. Without self analysis he will not be able to take right actions in the situations. Like for a leader it is required that he take advantage of his strengths and give a proper defeat to his opponents and he should also avoid the areas of his weaknesses and prefers to hire others for those kinds of jobs.


  1. High targets: A good leader is one who has high targets and makes consistent efforts to achieve those targets. With body he gets tired but by mind he is never tired and his mind is always striving to achieve better. Growth is his very first objective.


  1. Right choice for selection of right man for right work: A good man is one who has capabilities enough to select the right person for the right job. He should be able to differentiate between the groups of candidates for allotment of work. A leader can only get required support from his group of members only when he has made right decision to select his group members.


Commitment Bounded: A good leader is one who is commitment bounded. He always fulfills his promises. He never let his goodwill go down and always work to strive for perfection and to achieve goals for the satisfaction of others and also takes care for the rights and interests of his group members

FBI Busts Rich Paul Under the Guise of Joint Terrorism

Today Free Concord presents a highlight video from the nearly nine hour trial of Rich Paul, as Free Keene publishes a letter written by Rich from jail.

2013_04_20_freerichI have been in the Keene Spiritual Retreat for a week or so now. I have been pretty busy with business and legal issues since then, so it has taken me a while to collect my thoughts. Here they are, I hope they were worth the wait.

First I want to thank my supporters for all their help, whether emotional, spiritual, or economic. Many have helped, but I especially want to thank my girl Wendy, my parents, Ian, James, Bill and Gail, Joan, Carla, and Jay. You guys make this bearable. You rock!

Secondly, I want to address all those who participated in the trial. I want you to know that whatever your involvement, whether Judge or Jury or Bailiff or Prosecutor or…

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