Cashiano Designs Discusses Business, Fashion, and Childhood Leukemia With The Standard


I was considering ending this article after the pictures for obvious reasons.  These little onesies (aka those baby wraps that all diaper wearing rugrats don so well) are irresistible.  They are part of a new line of baby couture designed and sold by a New York company called Cashiano Designs.  Gayle Michelle, the Managing Director of Cashiano, tells TLS that her style is “a cross between biker chic and your favorite cartoon”.  What is most compelling about the business, and the reason Cashiano caught the attention of The Standard, is that Michelle and company do more than just design killer baby threads.

Cashiano Designs is an active supporter of organizations that support children diagnosed with Autism and other learning disabilities.  “We want children to be beautiful inside and out”, Michelle explained.  “It breaks our hearts to see children struggling to communicate with the world around them.  What is going on inside their heads and hearts?  We want to help them to express themselves and feel beautiful.  We feel fortunate that we can make them so happy by donating our clothes.  All children with Autism are welcome to contact us and we will find a way to help.  This is not temporary, but a core value of Cashiano and all of us here in the offices.”

As a part of the Legal Standard Community, Cashiano Designs exemplifies what we hold to be most important in a company.  By resisting the temptation to mass produce their clothing, they can enforce very high standards for product sourcing and manufacturing.  Each item is handmade and unique.  Cashiano Designs delivers fun clothes for fashion-focused children (or parents) along with the track record of using their influence to benefit children’s organizations worldwide.

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